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DesignSkins® Premium Quality

Our DesignSkins® foils are made of a special easy-apply vinyl foil with small air ducts on the adhesive side.

The intelligent features of this modern foil technology make DesignSkins® easy to use and prove, that our design foils are so much more than just simple "stickers" or "labels".

Watch our product videos to take a look behind our production scenes and see how easy it is to apply and remove the skins from different kind of products.

DesignSkins® layer composition:

Composition DesignSkins®

Quality Features

Print method DesignSkins

Print method DesignSkins®

Your DesignSkins® foil will be printed using a high quality digital printing technique. Due to this our prints are characterized by a photo-realistic impression as well as a high chroma and luster.

All colors are UV-resistant.

Refinement DesignSkins

Refinement DesignSkins

After printing your skin, the foil will be improved with a high-gloss, transparent layer to protect your design from ugly scratches. The transparent protection foil is adapted to fit the individual attributes of your device.

The additional layer protects the colours of your design and the customized product from mechanical abrasion (e.g. from your keys or from carrying the product in your pocket).

Slideable Technology DesignSkins

Slideable Technology DesignSkins

The "Slideable Technology" of our DesignSkins® allows you a repeated application of the foil. When adjusting it to your device your DesignSkin will be floating over the surface until you fix it.

So if you haven't found the right position straightaway - no problem at all - just remove the foil carefully and try again.

Bubble Free Technology DesignSkins®

Bubble Free Technology DesignSkins

The "Bubble Free Technology" enables you to apply DesignSkins® without enclosing any air pockets.

The fine air ducts on the adhesive side of the foil let the air escape to the outside of the skin. Possible bubbles will vanish just in front of your eyes.

Removable Effect DesignSkins

Removable Effect DesignSkins

The "Removeable Effect" enables you to remove our DesignSkins® easily without any residues.

Remove the foils carefully and replace them with a new design, whenever your in the mood to change the style.